New positioning in the cloud services of Securebit AG in 2020.






A strategic repositioning of Securebit AG already became apparent in 2019 due to the founders’ different conceptions about the growth path. This and the leaving of know-how holders endangered the growth and independence of Securebit AG. VP Kevin Bühl decided to reposition Securebit AG’s Cloud Services and Solutions. The new positioning in 2020 starts under the mission:


The product range with cloud, Internet and solution services offers simple, efficient and cost-effective solutions. These are essential to enable organizations to start and grow with these services immediately and cost-effectively. The services are designed for customers who value a secure and reliable IT infrastructure with a single point of contact. Securebit intends to continue to develop into the cyber security solutions segment. Securebit’s solutions now also increasingly support start-ups and SME organizations.

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Solution Services

  • Easy solutions are important for an organization to start and develop cost-effectively. You can rely on the simple, secure and reliable IT infrastructure offerings from one source!


    • Hosted Exchange communication services from Microsoft with e-mail, calendar, contact management and task tracking are available everywhere and always up-to-date.
    • Hosted websites that sell, inform and are DSGVO compliant.
    • File sharing of Nextcloud® a free software for the storage of data (file hosting).The secure hosted data storage platform is used to share and edit documents with storage in versions. Only at Securebit does file sharing include a company-specific solution with a “closed circle”, for example for management, finance and personnel management, already at the time of delivery. Furthermore, a “General Area” with write and read rights is provided for the entire organization. Of course, each user receives his or her own personal “private storage area”. From the first day of use, Securebit thus offers a functioning company solution with a growth path. The filing structure can be configured by the administrator. Additional open and closed groups can be added. File sharing can be synchronized via the web, on a PC and on a mobile app.
    • Marketing Automation: “An automatic way to reach new customers without having to work yourself!” A detailed description of the Marketing Automation can also be found at the project partner’s website:
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Server and Internet Services

The virtual servers in the state-of-the-art data centers offer highest performance through Intel® Xeon® processors as well as fast and redundant network connections for demanding tasks. The servers are hosted in data centers in Zurich as well as in Frankfurt or Düsseldorf and thus meet the strict data protection regulations. . Cloud-Server products

  • IX Server
  • Virtuelle Server
  • Gameserver
  • Server Housing

Internet-Services products

  • Internet Exchange Point
  • Internet Ressourcen, like Autonomous System Numbers (ASN)