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Consultant for spitex e-learning solutions

The Spitex division of rissip stands for knowledge transfer for Spitex organizations.

The didactic e-learning solutions from rissip are designed to provide the assurance that all employees have the right knowledge and can apply it immediately in their daily work.

In this challenge, I can apply my experience from the project:
e-learning brings acceptance” very well.

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Principal IT Management Consultant in Sales and Management

I am a sales manager with a focus on marketing management. 35 years of professional experience, including 15 years of management experience at Microsoft Switzerland, in a leading position.

  • Strategy
  • Sales organization
  • Digitization
  • Cprporate development and management

about me

Peter Kindlimann

My credo since I count more than 2×29 years young:

Voluntarily out of conviction.

I am active, sporty, for 20 years my compensation is referee in football!

In good health, I will not retire at 65+.

Key experiences for my consultations I draw from my software-, computer- and informatics-industry activities at well-known organizations.

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Microsoft Schweiz GmbH
Public Sector – Education & NPO’s
15 years sales manager

favicon intel

Industrade AG 
3 years marketing manager

favicon bull

Information technology solutions from France
6 years marketing services manager

favicon dec

DIGITAL Equipment Corporation AG
DEC today incorporated in Hewlett-Packard
3 years field service marketing specialist




Young, sporty. I integrate, my hobby is active football referee.


My strengths include my high communication skills.


I can listen and also address people directly.


Communicate seriously and openly, so I get to know what the customer expects.


Keeping the goals in mind and work ahead.


To find a solution I use my team, network and optimism.


Each sales stage and each channel requires added value.


Openness is essential, otherwise there is no cooperation.


Finding opportunities in a team is goal-oriented.


I get impatient when it comes to talking about it instead of dealing with it quickly.

Yes, a weakness I am constantly working on, because the opinions of the team are important to me.

My projects, successes, competencies and experiences:

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projects, successes, competencies and experiences


my experiences are complemented by

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Teacher for marketing and project management
HSO Wirtschaftsschule Schweiz 6 Years in teaching

favicon elsau

Municipal councillor in the political municipality of Elsau
4 years of responsibility: culture, sports and police

favicon sfv

Today I am an active soccer referee.


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Mother tongue spoken and written.
I create my advertising texts, letters, presentations, web content and offers.

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Depuis que j’ai travaillé chez Bull, j’ai reconnu les avantages du français. Dans les années de Microsoft, j’ai tenu des réunions de client toutes les deux à trois semaines en français.


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Of course I speak and write fluently in english.


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Peter Kindlimann

Alfred Huggenberger Strasse 6
CH-8352 Elsau

+41 78 694 5366

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