A-SIGN GmbH Zurich/Kreuzlingen – Sales Manager in Digital Marketing Agency for E-COMMERCE and Online Shops
Jul 2014 – Dez 2015
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Sales Manager Digital Marketing Agency and e-Commerce

A-SIGN GmbH, as a full-service marketing agency, supports its clients in the areas of consulting, conception, creation, realisation and development. The offer focuses on the digital sector such as online marketing, online advertising and e-commerce. As a Swiss partner of the leading open source e-shop solutions from OXID esales, A-SIGN is one of the technically leading e-commerce agencies in the shop segment.
Jul 2014 – Dez 2015

Sell online


How companies are successfully transforming themselves to serve the digital customers.

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You are an entrepreneur!


So are we! Let us break new ground together.  

1. Consulting for the STRATEGY

Development of digital business models, e-commerce & e-business consulting. Selection of the appropriate e-commerce system and elaboration of campaign concepts.

What do you want to achieve? What are your goals?


2. UX/UI design leads to DESIGN

We put your products in the right light! We design your e-commerce shop to match. From navigation to sales-promoting image worlds, we design everything in the sense of an optimal conversion. We design user interfaces that touch and sell.

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3. Programming as conversion

We develop shop systems, landing pages and websites. Benefit from a large number of already existing shop modules. ERP, CRM or PIM system connection everything is possible.

Our code is your code. Opensource: Customer loyalty through quality.


4. Online Marketing führt zu SICHTBARKEIT

Wir zeigen Ihnen Möglichkeiten Ihren E-Commerce-Shop sichtbar zu machen und begleiten Sie bei allen Online Marketing Massnahmen mit viel Know-How und Erfahrung. Under anderem durch SEO/SEA und Display Performance Marketing.

Wer eine gut Sichtbarkeit hat, wir langfristig erfolgreicher am Markt sein.
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5. Digital customer loyalty via NEWSLETTER

Long-term customer loyalty and short-term sales measures. We offer strategic consulting and technology selection for e-mail marketing systems – preferably with marketing automation..

Binding customers with automated newsletter actions.