my soccer referee highlights 2021



soccer referee

154 goals,

54 yellow cards and

2 sending offs

in 27 games


I ran 200 km after kickoff. If you count the 70 km of my warm-up directly before the games, this gives pretty much exactly 10 km per game.

My maximum heart rate was over 180 in 6 games and even over 190 in 2 games!

The average was 140, so right in the aerobic zone.

statistics 2021

performances by league

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maximum loads per match in the football league

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my experiences in 2021

The 27 matches assigned by the association resulted in 154 goals.

Unfortunately, I had to issue 54 yellow cards and 2 sending offs. But, my long-term average for sending-offs is higher, at 4.5 sending-offs per year. The pleasantly low number of only 2 reds is corona-conditioned, since in the 1st half of the year exclusively junior games took place.

Better junior coaches leave yellow-warned players on the bench after the time penalty. Learning by actively watching. Something I value very much as a SR.